Our space is on hold, outside is cold!

New time for Saturday evening: Cornerstone Online premieres 6:45p Saturday on YouTube & Church Online

For 13 weeks(!) we had an awesome time together celebrating church "On Lawn" in the summer through early fall. The weather for this Sunday morning is forecasted to be cold (and maybe wet)! Our search for our next in-person location is still active but not concluded. So this weekend we're gathering online and for watch parties. Details here:

Just because we're not meeting on lawn doesn't mean you have to be alone. There are detailed instructions for a great watch party experience at https://CornerstoneNH.org/watchtogether

We are actively seeking an indoor space for in-person gatherings during COVID, but haven't finalized the search yet. (Our pre-COVID space at Red River Theatres is not available.) The ideal space would...

  • Be available 24/7 so we could set up and keep up our video set and gathering space.
  • Be large enough to accommodate our congregation with social distancing.
  • Be flexible enough to be used for video, large group, and small group experiences.
  • Have safe, secure spaces for children's ministry (2-3 rooms).

Got a lead? Let us know by replying to this email.

Until then, I'll look forward to seeing you online this weekend!