Find a quiet place. Face into the light source. Turn the phone horizontal for landscape orientation.

We want your stories, songs, and segments at Cornerstone! (These tips are also great for selfies, snapshots, and online video chat meetings.) Here’s how to make great video using your phone or webcam that will encourage others to say YES! to Jesus.

Start with good sound
Try to avoid filming near noisy or loud areas like highways, restaurants, NASA launch sites, or WWE wrestling matches. Speak loudly and clearly toward your device. Don’t accidentally cover the mic on your phone with your hands or any other obstruction.

Avoid backlighting
You are beautiful and we want to see your face! Which means make sure your main source of light is in front of you and not behind you.

Use a landscape orientation
We usually hold our phones vertically, but horizontal is best for most video. Unless otherwise requested, please use landscape.
Portrait orientation can work for some social media:
Landscape is preferable most of the time:

Get rid of the space above your head
The natural tendency is to place the face in the middle of the screen. But the framing is more natural to the viewer if you get rid of the empty space above your head. The eyes should be around the top third gridline.

Like this:
Not this:

Clean, uncomplicated backgrounds are best
There are plenty of beautiful places to capture your video, but try to avoid distracting backgrounds or crowded spaces. Simple and clean backdrops are ideal.

Film at eye level & look at the camera (not the display)
Don’t do this: Above eye level diminishes you to your audience.

Don't do this either: Below eye level tells your audience that you are imposing power (and gives us a view up your nose and doubles your chin!).
Do this: Eye level shows you’re accessible.

Also try to look directly at the camera, not the phone or computer display.

Turn on, but don’t stand under all the lights
When filming indoors, avoid standing under a lamp or light, which creates hard shadows.

Stand a few feet from your light source for a softer light. Standing lamps make great indirect lights. Use multiple light sources if possible.

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Thanks to realityLA for the inspiration and photos in this guide.