This week's message was by Craig Groeschel, author of Dangerous Prayers. I chose this message because I needed to hear it, I think we need to hear it, and he was the best messenger for this week’s message. Here are some of the quotes and notes that stood out to me as I watched. - Brian

Think about what you think about.
Our mind doesn’t have to be on autopilot. We can choose the paths our mind goes down.

Not a state of affairs, but a state of mind.
Our circumstances do not determine our mood and mindset; what we think about, and the way we think does.

Starve my fears. Feed my faith.
All too often, we do things that feed our fears while starving our faith. What if we made a point of taking in a mindful diet of faith-feeding truths?

This is a great example of how to meditate on the Scriptures.
In the message, Craig gives an excellent example of how to meditate on Scripture using Romans 8 as his text.

Raise your expectations in the goodness of God.
Yes, we could lower our expectations, expect the worse, and never be disappointed but sometimes be pleasantly surprised. Might it honor God more if we raised our expectations in the goodness of God?

Better than normal!
This was probably the one that stuck the most with me. I don’t long to go back to normal. I long for better than normal. Certainly I long for better than the old normal. I want a constantly renewed normal.

RIGHT NOW in THIS CIRCUMSTANCE we can make progress spiritually and go deeper relationally. Marriages Stronger—Families Closer—Love Deeper—Generosity GreaterChristians Bolder—Light of the Church Brighter—Harvest Bigger!
Our current circumstances are not bigger than God. We can see all these things happen regardless of our circumstances because the results we get are…

Not because of what we see, but what you say.
God is more important, more powerful, more determinative of what can and will be done than our circumstances.