We are hearing chatter that the governor will be releasing new guidelines for houses of worship soon, if not today.

I want everyone to know that we are aware of these developments, and as I’ve mentioned before, we have been responsibly thinking through how and when to resume in-person gatherings, and we plan to maintain our strong commitment to the new online ministry options that have developed since March.

We won’t know with certainty what guidelines the governor will release until the announcement is made, but we do know that the principles which have guided our response so far will continue to inform our choices through each stage of this ongoing and evolving situation. These include...

  • Respecting authority and honoring God.
  • Acting in wisdom and not being motivated by fear.
  • Embracing humility and avoiding pride.
  • And perhaps most importantly, acting in love.

Additionally we are taking into considering the particular makeup of our church, our location, and venues available.

Most importantly, please remember that church never closes. We adapt. We innovate. But we cannot be closed. As long as the people of the church do the work of the church—making disciples, loving God, and loving people—church goes on, with the confidence rooted in Jesus' own promise that he would build his church.